We are natives from the bustling and old city of Hyderabad, India. Armed with knowledge of the true and traditional taste of Hyderabad biryani from our mother land, we have come to serve you the best flavors India has to offer. We are passionate about serving authentic Hyderabad Biryani and do not compromise our sought after recipe by using short cuts or skimping on quality or ingredients. Each biryani is made carefully and each step of the process is under immediate supervision. This attention to detail is especially crucial when it takes about 3 hours to prepare just one biryani! We feel that we succeded in our creation and enjoy bringing this authentic ethnic dish of Hyderabad, India, and hope that you enjoy it too!

    It is our goal to prepare the most flavorful and original recipes for our customers. We have worked hard to create each recipe and make it unique for our menu. Our menu caters delicious and traditional Hyderabad Nawabi food of the south. We also offer a range of north Indian food. Variety from our house special, the Hyderabad Biryani, to Moghali and Tandoor cuisine. We think that you will find our range of items can satisfy the most extreme of spicy food consumers, to the most timid Indian food eater. There is no easier way to tell then to come in and have a taste for yourself!

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