Colorful mold bread

Happy 2013 for everyone! I hope you have entered this new year on a good footing and that it is at least a little better than the past.
My first recipe of the year I wanted it to be this colorful bread that cheers us the view and also the palate because it is well rich and sure that they love children and adults.
It is from one of the books that the Kings have brought me, I must have been very good because they have given me a lot of gifts.

I hope that you like it and you are encouraged to do it!
Kisses !!

Colored mold bread

600 gr. of flour of force
25 gr. of sugar and 10 gr. of salt
200 gr. of milk
100 gr. of water
25 gr. of fresh yeast
80 gr. of butter
Food dyes

We put in the bowl of the mixer all the ingredients except the butter.We knead and in the end we put the butter and let knead until it is completely integrated in the dough. the dough in 4-5 parts and add the dye that we like, we knead each piece and we stretch them with the roller in a rectangular shape until they have the length of the mold that we are going to use.
We are putting one dough on top of another , roll and place the roll in the greased mold.
Let it rise in a warm place and cover it with a cloth until it doubles its volume.
Cook in the oven preheated to 210º for 10 minutes, cover it with paper aluminum so that it does not burn, lower the oven to 200º and let it cook 10 minutes more. .

Source: Creative Breads by Daniel Jordá and Álvaro Castro.