Baked Alaska

Whole kitchen in your sweet proposal for the month of July he invites us to prepare Baked Alaska.

I was afraid of this recipe but after seeing one in Home & Life Style I was encouraged and it seemed to me the easiest because it does not go full the furnace but golden with the torch and it looks great.
We liked it a lot, especially my son Diego who has turned purple.

Baked Alaska

Sponge cake 2 eggs
60 gr. of sugar
60 gr. of flour

We beat the eggs with the sugar until they are very fluffy, add the sieved flour and mix with a spatula with enveloping movements.
We grease a mold suitable for the microwave, pour the mixture and put in the micro at maximum power for 1 minute and a half (I used two small molds to distribute the mixture).
We wait a few minutes to cool a bit, unmold and let it cool completely on a metal grid.
Vanilla chocolate ice cream (recipe here)

Swiss meringue with thermomix
4 clear egg
200 gr. of sugar
1 tablespoon of vinegar

We put the butterfly on the blades, we put all the ingredients in it and we program 4 minutes, temperature 50º, speed 3 1/2. When finished we programmed another 4 minutes at the same speed, but now without temperature.

We cover a bowl with kitchen plastic, we throw the ice cream and leave it in the freezer until it freezes.
We cut out the cake of the size of the bowl and put it on top of the ice cream, unmold it and cover it with the meringue.
Brown the meringue with the kitchen torch and put it in the freezer until we go to it consume.