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We are natives from the bustling and old city of Hyderabad, India. Armed with knowledge of the true and traditional taste of Hyderabad biryani from our mother land, we have come to serve you the best flavors India has to offer. We are passionate about serving authentic Hyderabad Biryani and do not compromise our sought after recipe by using short cuts or skimping on quality or ingredients. Each biryani is made carefully and each step of the process is under immediate supervision. This attention to detail is especially crucial when it takes about 3 hours to prepare just one biryani! We feel that we succeded in our creation and enjoy bringing this authentic ethnic dish of Hyderabad, India, and hope that you enjoy it too!
It is our goal to prepare the most flavorful and original recipes for our customers. We have worked hard to create each recipe and make it unique for our menu. Our menu caters delicious and traditional Hyderabad Nawabi food of the south. We also offer a range of north Indian food. Variety from our house special, the Hyderabad Biryani, to Moghali and Tandoor cuisine. We think that you will find our range of items can satisfy the most extreme of spicy food consumers, to the most timid Indian food eater. There is no easier way to tell then to come in and have a taste for yourself!
We strive to make quality indian cuisine the best it can be..
It is our goal to prepare the most flavorful and original recipes for our customers. We have worked hard to create each recipe and make it unique for our menu. Our menu caters delicious and traditional Hyderabad Nawabi food of the south. We also offer a range of north Indian food. Variety from our house special, the Hyderabad Biryani, to Moghali and Tandoor cuisine. We think that you will find our range of items can satisfy the most extreme of spicy food consumers, to the most timid Indian food eater. There is no easier way to tell then to come in and have a taste for yourself!
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    We offer caterings for weddings, conventions, parties, office meetings, family dinners, and all other occasions all over the Bay Area. Please call us for more information or come in during business hours to discuss menu options and receive price quotes.

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    Carry your favourite cuisine and eat it at your own pace, time and place. Perfectly suits those who prefer to eat in their familiar surroundings.



Chris N.

Never actually been to the restaurant, sucks to hear about the service but I've DoorDashed this place several times. Why? Cuz it's bomb AF. Tandoori Chicken, BOMB. Chicken Tikka, BOMB. Chicken Tikkaa Masala, BOMB. Andhra Chicken, FireBOMB cuz it's dam spicy. I went on a limb the first time and now it's my fav. Like I said I never been to the location but if your trying to order out do yourself a favor and thank me later. You're welcome  PS I posted a pic but me and my son killed the Chicken Tikka Masala and ate at some of the other items. Sorry


Sridhar N.

This is the worst place. Don't ever go there. Worst customer service and food is baddd. They are bad name for Hyderabad Biryani. I asked for paneer chatpata and they gave me some chicken curry. And when I complained there weren't even sorry. The lady at the desk said the person in the kitchen did mistake. The person dint even say if she could do anything to fix the issue.In the name of paneer biryani they just stir fry rice and some paneer curry.They put the same Curries but changes the display name in specials. For example today they said paneer chatpata but they just served paneer tikka in the end. People who don't know Indian food fall for their tricks.If you love Indian food don't even bother to go there


Rob L.

I would've given this place a "4" star, but it's not really a sit-down kinda place in my books.  Swing by, and you'll know what I mean.The "3" star is basically for the food.  If you like Biryani, this place has great Biryani.  As a connoisseur of Indian food, their Biryani is spicy and pretty authentic for the tri-valley area.  I would not hesitate to order take-out again from this place.


Tiffany Y.

I came here to pick up some food to go, I wasn't too sure what to order or what would be good, so ended up ordering a hodge podge of food. I got a mutton biryani, saag paneer, goat curry, and a garlic naan.   I ordered the biryani, paneer, and goat curry all extra spicy.  The food was ready in less than 10 minutes.   It was still warm by the time I got home and they also put in a yogurt sauce, and another curryish tasting sauce with it. The food here is really salty, especially for me since I tend to not eat that much salt in general.  I ended up making some rice at home to add to all the food.   The paneer was delightfully spicy, and the goat curry had a really good flavor. The goat was really tender and fell off the bone.  The biryani was such a huge portion and all the food I ordered was more than enough for 4 people, considering how salty it was. I will come here again but might order the dosas or other foods they had. There were alot of people coming in to pick up food, this is more of a to go restaurant than sit down and eat.  They only provide plastic utensils / foam plates, which I try to avoid using.


patty s.

Love this place. The owner is so welcoming and treats customers like family. Awesome food and very reasonable prices. They take pride in the food they cook and serve. Please support this local family business.


Dan S.

Been in this restaurant a few times.I decided never again because of the rude and unprofessional treatment I Always get...the young lady with a MAGOR ATTITUDE ISSUESI always say...if ur not happy with your work ,QUIT...loose the attitude or continue to loose customers


Sailaja B.

My friends keep raving about this place, so I decided to try it when I was in San Ramon. I ordered a masala dosa. And I have to say it isn't close to a good masala dosa I had in the United States. The potato curry was so bland and the red chutney was actually a mix of tomato ketchup. After craving for dosa for close to a month, i was disappointed.


Foodie F.

I'm sorry to provide this review, but I think you should be aware and hopefully this will have a constructive impact to create change. I don't eat chicken anymore and have become strictly pescatarian, hopefully transitioning to veganism one day. Unfortunately, I found pieces of chicken in the shrimp biryani after I had several bites. The shrimp pieces were small and possibly battered? Why?Also, everything was so hot, that all my requests for "mild" seemed to go unheeded. The brown-paper bag everything was put in started getting soaked from oil and caused a tear in the bottom. Luckily we saw this as it was being carried from the car to the house before it was too late. I couldn't eat any more after about 10-15 bites and had to waste a ton of food. I had previously long been looking forward to having your food after seeing it advertised in our local mailer. :(


Jessie O.

Good food, good service, good prices. But, mild here is still spicy to me haha. I'm weak!


Iona C.

I drove to Patra on Sunday afternoon after church and found that it was closed (strike one), looked at my bookmark list and tried to place an order at TW Burmese... only to drive over and see a sign that gave evening hours that spanned Monday to Saturday (strike two).  I almost decided to stop by Cafe Attila or Three Brothers, two restaurants I was already familiar with in this shopping plaza, but noticed Hyderabad and walked in.   The adjectives "stark" and "spartan" came to mind when I surveyed the dining room area, but what I tried was pretty good (samosas, garlic naan, mango lassi and chicken tikka masala) and I absolutely want to come back to try the biryanis and dosas.The mango lassi and chicken tikka masala were two things that I wish came in larger portion sizes, but again, what was there was good.  The masala and samosas were just a tad bit spicy, but not overwhelming.


janani k.

The food is horrible. They should remove the name "Hyderabad " since the food taste nothing like Andhra cuisine. They just have 2 standard chutney and both taste yucky. Don't ever order babycorn Manchurian it's horrible full of oil and besan flour. I wish they learn how to cook Andhra food. Punugulu tasted like shit and panner was raw and was not marinated well. Horrible food. Please don't ever go to this place to eat.


Ankush K.

Tasty good food. I visited them couple a time quick and responsive staff. Try them out they are good


Suresh D.

Went here last weekend and picked up Togo food. Ordered chicken biriyani. The food was fresh, flavorful, hot, and good quantity of rice. However, the meat could have been a touch more. There was one drumstick with no meat on it only bone. I would still visit this place as the rice was flavorful.


George F.

On New Year's Day I was looking to get some dinner but other than Chinese food. Then I remembered often seeing ads for Hyderabad Biryani House just down the street from me. I'm not an Indian/Pakistani food expert but I know what I like. Located in a strip mall with a bunch of different restaurants Hyderabad Biryani House is more of a take out place. The restaurant itself is bare bones with green painted walls a TV showing reruns of an NFL game. However, 7 pm on New Years Day the line was out the door for take out and I was the only non south Asian in the whole restaurant, a good  thing! I ordered the Chicken Tikki Marsala and the Chicken Biryani along with a couple of garlic naans. take out The chicken biryani came with 5 pieces of chicken and a container full of rice. The Chicken Tikki Marsala was creamy and flavorful. The garlic naans where huge soft and buttery. Not a lot of frills, straight forward great value, lots of good food for a cheap price.


Harish K.

Biryani's are awesome. Authentic South Indian food. I would definitely recommend it.


Spurthi V.

Haleem was their "special" but it was one of the most terrible stuff I ever tasted.... worst haleem ever!!!Ordered a chicken biriyani , came with a side of mirchi ka salan which tasted like sambar.Zero customer service! We ordered our food "for here" and they served the biriyani in styrofoam container that is usually used for packing leftovers. They did not even serve water or provide plates,spoons n forks. We had to get them ourselves.The restaurant's name is very deceiving.. there is nothing Hyderabadi about their food, particularly the haleem! Wish I could give them negative rating. Total thumbs down


Candice C.

Kind of a hole in the wall Indian place, but SUPER tasty food. Great prices too. And as a single person, they give me a very nice amount of food (not one curry and 5 lbs of rice like that other place). 5 stars all the way!


P T.

I can't get enough of their Aloo Gobi! It's perfectly cooked and seasoned every single time. I've tried both the garlic and onion naan and they don't shy from the great portions of garlic or onions, my favorite is the garlic. I've tried other dishes that includes: veg biryani, chana masala, idly, samosa, Chole Batura, and bhel puri. The customer service is great and the employees are always so accommodating and sweet. The only thing is that this place doesn't have good ventilation so your clothes will smell... not a bad thing if you love Indian food like I do :)


Sunil R.

They have a HUGE menu...everything from south Indian to Indo Chinese to north Indian to Andhra biryani specials.The dosa and paneer biryani were good. The dahi paapdi chaat was meh. This is a pretty basic setup but clean. Looks like they get a lot of catering orders...the kitchen was busy.


Richard O.

If you're ever craving some curry I definitely recommend eating here the owner is so nice and friendly and they have really good sports channels on the TV thanks to DIRECTV.